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The Kisa Ginger Snap

Introducing the KISA Ginger Snap. A traditional swedish
cookie handcrafted the old fashioned way in small batches using
the highest quality of certified organic and Fairtrade ingredients.

A beloved cookie

The Swedish Ginger Snap, also known as Pepparkaka is the most beloved cookie in Sweden. With its unique, thin and crispy texture and the heavenly combination of ginger, cinnamon and clove the Swedish Pepparkaka has grown to become a favorite around the world.

A fair and kind ginger snap

An old Swedish proverb says that we become kinder by eating Ginger Snaps, but with the KISA Ginger Snaps the proverb is no longer a myth. We can guarantee that you will be kinder towards animals, nature, water, air, farmers, workers and yourself when you choose the KISA Ginger Snap which is both KRAV (organic) and Fairtrade certified.

The history of the Kisa Ginger Snap

In 1951 our first batch of traditional Swedish Ginger Snaps was created in a tiny kitchen in the small village of KISA in East Gothland located in southeastern Sweden. The delicious Ginger Snap shaped like a heart rapidly became a neighborhood favorite and the KISA Ginger Snap was born.

As of today we are still baking our KISA Ginger Snaps the old fashioned way by hand and we are using metal baking sheets and regular ovens to maintain the unique and crispy texture and homemade look and taste. The heart shape will always remain to spread kindness, love and joy for the holidays and all year round.

We really value the tradition, taste and crispiness that a true Swedish Ginger Snap should have and we are proud and happy to maintain the production of KISA Ginger Snaps locally in East Gothland close to the village of KISA where it once all started in that small kitchen.

While preserving tradition, we also want to think about the future and take our responsibilities as a producer. Therefor, we are proud to present the new KISA Ginger Snap, that is both KRAV- and Fairtrade certified. That makes the KISA Ginger Snap the only traditional Swedish Ginger Snap with both an organic and Fairtrade certification.

We have chosen the ingredients carefully and try to use as much locally produced ingredients as possible. The organic flour for instance, is milled just a few miles from our bakery.

KRAV- & Fairtrade-certified ginger snaps

Apart from being certified organic according to USDA and the European Union standards, the KISA Ginger Snaps are also KRAV certified in Sweden. KRAV is the most recognized environmental certification for food in Sweden.

Products that are KRAV certified have been produced organically with special care for health, environment, animals, social responsibility and global climate. KRAVs rules are far more developed with higher set standards than the European Union organic certification.

Read more about KRAV på


Fairtrade is an independent product certification that creates better conditions for farmers and workers in underdeveloped countries to improve their working conditions and quality of life.

The Fairtrade certification means that the farmers receive improved financial conditions while selling their commodities on the global market. There are strict rules involving selling Fairtrade commodities to prevent child labor and discrimination and to encourage environmental care and organic production.

Read more about Fairtrade here.

Press & product photos

Here you can download high resolution images for press and publications.

You can also download our product folder with information about the Kisa Ginger Snap and about our products in english.





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